Industrial Engineering


Benjamin Ostrofsky
Benjamin Ostrofsky, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor Emeritus
Phone: 713-743-4739   |   Fax: 713-743-4190
Email: beno [at] rics1 [dot] cba [dot] uh [dot] edu


Ph.D., Engineering Design, 1968, UCLA
M.S., Executive Engineering Program, 1962, UCLA
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1942, Drexel University

Professional Experience: 

Professional Engineer (I.E.), State of Texas Industrial Engineer, State of California
Certified Professional Logistician (CPL), Society of Logistics Engineers

Courses Taught: 

System Design, Planning and Development (GL & UL) (Both Engineering and Business Administration)
Doctoral Seminar in Design and Planning (GL)
Product Development and Planning (GL & UL)
Production and Logistics Management (Gl & UL)
Logistics Engineering (GL)(ITV)
Logistics Management (GL)
Project Management (UL & GL)
Project Operations (GL)
Engineering Economics (UL)
Probability and Statistics (GL & UL)
Management Topics in Systems Engineering (GL)(ITV)
Industrial Engineering Seminar (UL)
Management Issues in Systems Engineering (GL) (ITV)
Statistical Decision Analysis and Design (GL)(ITV)
Engineering Economics (UL)
Operations Control (UL)
*(GL) = Graduate Level; (UL) = Undergraduate Level; (ITV) = Television offering

Research Interests: 

  • Systems Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Engineering Economy
  • Multiattribute Decision Making
  • Design Optimization

Awards & Honors: 

Dr. Ostrofsky is the only person in the 30 year history of the Society of Logistics Engineers to have won their top 3 awards:
Founders Medal (1993) - major contributions to the Logistics Profession
Eccles Medal (1988) - major contributions to Logistics education
Armitage Medal (1978) - major contributions to Logistics literature

Professional Activities: 

Professor, Industrial Engineering Cullen College of Engineering, 1970 to Present

Lectures to NASA/Johnson Space Center, to Naval Research Laboratories, Washington, D.C., Army Research Institute and other government and industrial agencies: System Engineering and Logistics, Systems Design, Planning and Development Support Systems, Decision and Optimization Models, Information Systems, Long Range Planning, and Management for High Technology, Strategic Planning, Integrated Logistics Support (1976 to Present)

Lectures and short courses to industry on: Engineering Design and Systems Theory, Production Management, Planning, and Control; Logistics Theory; Engineering Management, Operations Management, Organization Theory, Applied Quantitative Methods, Information Systems, and Technological Forecasting. Developed curricula and courses at Doctoral, Masters, and Baccalaureate levels (1964 to Present)

Books / Book Chapters

  • Manned Systems Design: Methods, Equipment, and Applications, Chapter 2, edited by J. Moraal and K.F. Kraiss, Plenum Publishing Co., NY

    , 1981.
  • Design, Planning, and Development Methodology, Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ

    , 1977.


  • "Advanced Methodology for complex Pipeline Optimization," with Travis E. Stripling, Ph.D., P.E., K. B. Elqohary, Consultant, Proceedings of International Pipeline Conference, Calqavy, Canada, September 29

    , 2002.
  • "Logistics Education at the University of Houston," Logistics Spectrum, Society of Logistics Engineers, Fall

    , 1995.
  • "A Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Space Shuttle APU Modification Alternatives," The Annals of the Society of Logistics Engineers, 2(2), pp. 1-22, Winter

    , 1992.
  • "Enhancement of the Knowledge Acquisition Process in Designing Expert Systems," The Annals of the Society of Logistics Engineers, 2(1), pp.71-82, Spring

    , 1992.

Dissertations Directed

  • Multiple Criterion Function in a Development of the Optimal Maintenance For Toroidal Manufacturing, Piynanid Choophaichitr

    , 2002.
  • Multiple Criterion Function Methods in Design with Varying Relative Weights, Charles Willow

    , 1999.
  • Design Decision Making with Multiple Interacting Criteria and Varying Relative Weights J. V. Simons, Jr.

    , 1989.
  • An Interactive System Design Heuristic W.H. McCumber

    , 1988.
  • A Structured Optimization Method for Information Resource Management R. Peschke

    , 1985.
  • Strategic Design and Decision Support Methodology for Large Scale Advanced Technological Systems A. Wu (co-chaired with F. Mistree, Mech. Engr.)

    , 1983.
  • Analysis of Interaction of Multiple Criteria with Application to Large Scale System Design J. Folkeson

    , 1982.
  • Methodology for Optimal Selection of Off-Shore Drilling Vessels C. Zumwalt

    , 1979.
  • Capacity Planning Considerations in the Context of Design R. Chehlaoui

    , 1975.